Welcome Dear Customer,

In today’s climate it is hard to find a manufacturer to deliver on the promise of affordability and trustworthiness - mostly due to the lack of experience in the premium nitrile glove industry.

We are experts in this field and have perfected our craft through our 30-year  history of proven results for our clients. Today, we bring this knowledge together with state-of-the-art manufacturing as of our next-generation manufacturing facility in Malaysia is now online.

Your investment in researching, trialing and evaluating the right supply partners is substantial.  We share your frustrations when vendors fail to meet expectations. We not only provide quality, consistency and price competitiveness on which our relationships grow, but we deliver – globally and on-time.  

We are proud of the deep partnerships formed over our three-decade history. Join us. We promise to free you from disappointment and introduce you to the peace of mind with trust in our product quality and our professional reliability.


Tim Thai  


"Accuracy, Automation, Advancement for our Century"