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Back in the 1980’s we noticed that a glove is not just a glove…

Image by Bank Phrom
Image by Clay Banks

Especially when each individual is different. It’s not just a one size or type fits all scenario.


The material and quality of a glove goes a long way in any work environment:


  • You can be in the middle of an important surgery

  •  Concentrating on a design

  • Allergic to latex

You need a strong and reliable glove that comes in many textures and build







If you handle infectious material or work in high risk situations you should not be subject to using faulty gloves that could negatively impact your life.

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  1. Mexpo International has been involved in providing quality gloves since 1989.

That is over 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction!

  1. Mexpo has received awards and praise from well-established medical journals such as the "Dental Adviser"

  2. Mexpo has been dealing with the best manufacturing company in all of south east Asia

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