Material :

PPSB 34g/m² at front.

Filter 25g/m² (more than 98%) at middle.

ES Thermalbonded 14g/m² at back.

PP Thermalbonded 20g/m² at edge.

Color Avail : Blue, Green, Pink, White, Multicolor, Purple, Orange
Packing : 25 pcs/box, 4 boxes/case


Blue :
Green :
Pink :
White :
Multicolor :     
Purple :
Orange :


AZ VFM-B34341
AZ VFM-G34342

AZ VFM-P34343

AZ VFM-W34344

AZ VFM-M34345

AZ VFM-P34346

AZ VFM-O34347

Avianz 3 PLY Facemask with Shield

    Ambidextrous / Beaded Cuff

    Non-Sterile / Disposable

    200 Gloves Per Box

    10 Boxes Per Case

    Item size and number         

    XS           BM 46205-N-PF

    S              BM 46206-N-PF

    M            BM 46207-N-PF

    L              BM 46208-N-PF

    XL           BM 46209-N-PF